Year 10 field trip to the Gannel 11th 12th June

Level: Topic: Controlled assessment


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Your teacher will show this presentation in class and explain fully what you will be doing on the trip. Your safety is important so please ensure you always follow instructions.

You do not wear school uniform. We will be leaving college as soon as possible in the morning and by 9am at the latest. We will be returning for the normal buses.

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Remember to bring a good backpack (not handbag or shoulder bag…) to carry your lunch and equipment comfortably. We will be taking tape measures and metre rulers with us which will also need to be carried. Cameras are brought at your own risk, I will be taking photos which you can use if you don’t want to risk your camera. You should not bring mobile phones. We will have a mobile with us for emergencies.



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The walk should take around 40 minutes, we will head down Henver road, through Tretherras on the footpath then down through Trenance gardens and under the viaduct. We will proceed through the boating lake area where there is a cafe with toilets. All students must behave sensibly when walking alongside roads and demonstrate good road sense when crossing supervised.

This table will be used to record our width and depth data at the 2 sites. Your teacher will explain how to complete it on site and there will be a demonstration. You will receive a booklet before you go with the below recording tables in. 


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There will be one of these tables for EACH of the 4 sites (you are collecting data at sites 3 and 4).

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Sensible behaviour is expected at all times. You are expected not to purposefully get wet or muddy.  Site 3 is our first site (data is already collected for you at sites 1 and 2).


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Site 4 is our second site. This is the closest site to the mouth of the river.

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Remember we will not be the only people on the Gannel on this day. Ensure noise is kept to a minimum as to not spoil the enjoyment of others in the area. We represent the college when we go out and must therefore show respect and manners to others.

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Remember you need to have returned your reply slip to avoid delaying our departure on the day. You must also have completed a universal consent form. If you have any new medical conditions since completing this form please inform us.

Fingers crossed for nice weather !

Mrs M


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