Year 10 end of year geography exam

Level: Topic: Latest news

Your year 10 end of year geography exams are week beginning 23rd June, see your timetable for times and days.

Exam 1: Unit 1 paper. This will be a full past GCSE paper.

Read exam instructions carefully, you must only answer the 3 topic questions we have studied despite there being other topics within the paper.

The questions you should answer are Q1. Restless Earth, Q5. Water on the Land and Q6. Ice on the Land.

Exam 2: Unit 2 paper. This paper will be modified from a normal paper because you have not yet studied all 3 human topics. You will receive a paper with 2 population questions and a tourism question. You are to answer all these questions.

Remember in the REAL exam the format will be the same as the unit 1 paper, where there will be 7 full questions in the paper and you should only answer 3.


Use this website to find checklists/revision sheets for each topic studied. Use these checklists to guide your revision to ensure you have no gaps in your knowledge. You should have been given checklists for each topic by your teacher, if not please ask if you would like printed copies.

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