Year 10-11 Geography Summer Work

Hello nearly year 11 geographers…

It is important as you are more than halfway through your course, that you keep up with your geography studies over the 6 week summer break. We have provided some question sheets for you to use for your summer revision. Your teacher will tell you which ones you will be tested on in September. If you are in Mrs Muskett’s class, please choose either the tectonics question sheet OR the Ice on the Land sheet at higher or foundation. Revise the answers to these questions ready for a test when you return. Miss Gray’s group please ask Miss Gray, I believe you are doing the tectonic questions (Miss Gray, let me know and I will update!).

Ice on the Land Revision Questions

Ice on the Land Revision Questions Foundation

Restless Earth 20 Revision Questions

MUS groups: The above links are for 2 of your UNIT 1 topics. Please use these as a guide to study at least one more topic by writing yourself 20 questions you are able to answer (the other topics are Rivers, Population and Tourism). The green revision book is great for this, as they have a list of questions at the end of each chapter you can use or adapt. The year 11 mock is in November so starting to prepare now would be really beneficial.

Everyone: Keep an eye on the news over the summer too, who knows what amazing geographical event will happen!!? Look out for floods, earthquakes, population issues, tourism stories and volcanoes!

Please take on board the comments and feedback from the recent exam and move forwards. Set yourself targets for improvement also and ensure you follow these up. Its year 11 now, time will ZOOOOOOOOM by and we don’t want any of you to regret not putting the work in to get your grade or above.

Any questions over the holidays please email MUS, I will be checking emails around once a week as a minimum.

Have a great break, lets hope for some more sunshine!

Mrs M

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