Why snow machines are cold comfort as the Alps warm


Link to GCSE syllabus:  Future impact of retreating snowline on fragile environments, alpine ski resorts etc.  The impact of retreat and unreliability of snowfall in some resorts. The economic, social and environmental impact – including the concept of fragile environments.

Complete these questions to build up a great case study to cover this section of the syllabus. Remember C grade: Write in sentences that link together and make sense answering the question well. A/A*: get your specific examples woven into your detailed writing. 

Q1. What makes this area (Davos, Switzerland) so popular with tourists? What different activities take place in the winter and summer?

Q2. Describe the man-made (artificial) management strategies used in October and why these are necessary.

Q3. What are the issues associated with running the snow cannons and piste sculpting? (think environmental)

Q4. Why are future predictions of snow decline worrying for the Alps? (think economic/social)

Q5. What has happened to lower lying resorts already?(think economic/social)

Q6. Describe the roll glaciers play in water provision and storage and the problems expected in the future? (think social)

Q7. What are the environmental effects of the snow shortage (plants and animals)?

Q8. Give some stats/data about the economic benefit of snow in the alps.

Q9. Describe how and why some resorts are diversifying (changing the activities they offer, think for economic reasons).Give specific examples.


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