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Review of shingle flood defences at Newgale beach

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The future viability of flood defences at a Pembrokeshire beach will be discussed at a public meeting.

Newgale beach’s shingle bank has been breached many times and the adjacent A487 was forced to close when part of it washed into the road last year.

Flooding in Mozambique satellite images

Level: , Topic: Rivers, Water on the Land

Residents of Mozambique’s Zambezia province are accustomed to picking up their belongs and heading for higher ground during the wet season. But even by local standards, the onslaught in January 2015 has been unusual. Check out these fascinating images.

The world at seven billion

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

(2011) The UN is set to announce that the population of the planet has now reached seven billion people.

But will this number continue to rise in future years – and if so, what could this mean?

Risk from extreme weather set to rise

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Climate change and population growth will hugely increase the risk to people from extreme weather, a report says.

The Royal Society warns that the risk of heatwaves to an ageing population will rise about ten-fold by 2090 if greenhouse gases continue to rise.

House Lifted 1.5m To Avoid More Flood Misery

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A family spends £70,000 lifting their entire home off the ground to avoid a repeat of this year’s flood misery. How are people trying to protect themselves to avoid a repeat of last winters flooding? (Coping and responding to the effects of flooding).