River Gannel Maps for Controlled Assessment

Level: Topic: Controlled assessment

We are using the River Gannel for our Controlled Assessment. As part of the applied understanding section of the mark scheme you must locate the study area in detail. All maps you use must be referenced and have a scale and direction arrow. For level 3 (top level) we would like to see you include at least 3 different scaled maps of the study area and/or sites and a labelled satellite image. You can use a blank outline map to complete one by hand if you wish.

This is a great website to get OS maps for free. You can print screen then edit the image to your liking. For example a good overview of the study area should look like this:

Map all sites Gannel

Maps are important as you may want to locate some of your data presentation later on in the project, so a clear map covering all the sites is important. Remember each square on an OS map represents 1km or 1000m.

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