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The GCSE geography exams are very soon, the challenge with our subject is that we have lots of content and case studies. The only way to do well is to revise. I know some of you have managed to do well in end of topic tests despite NOT revising, this is because the content is still fresh in your minds. Do not expect it to be so for the real exams! For example you did Restless earth about 18months ago at the start of year 10, everyone needs to revise.

Remember your topics: for UNIT 1 you studied Restless Earth, Water on the land and Ice on the land. For UNIT 2 you studied Population, Tourism and Globalisation (with some of you also studying Urban Environments). You ONLY answer 3 questions in each exam, be certain you know which. There were still a couple of students who answered the wrong questions even in the last mock exam- this should never happen in the real thing.

Plan out how long you think it will take you to go over a topic. I would recommend at least 3 hours per topic whatever tier paper you are doing. You don’t have to sit down for 3 hours, you can do an hour here or there, plan your time carefully. This means you need to complete AT LEAST 9 hours per exam, 18 hours in total. I hope most of you have already started, you should have covered most of your topics by the time we come back after Easter.

In lessons we will be revising as much as we can, but there are very few lessons left. On Thursday session 4 there is an extra lesson you are all welcome and advised to attend. I would like to see any students aiming for a C grade at these sessions to get extra revision tips and time.

How you revise is up to you but DO NOT rely on I AM LEARNING. It is good for BASIC facts but gives you no practice at answering exam questions. On this site I have put links to past exam papers, make sure you spend some time looking through these and identifying any questions you can’t do and revising them (mark schemes also there for answers).

Mind maps are great ways to plan out geography topics, flash cards and posters work well for some students but some prefer simply to make notes. Reading only is not a great way to revise, the best way is to TEACH it to someone else, I am sure parents will be keen to learn all about super volcanoes!

Do not leave your geography revision to the last 2 weeks, you will not achieve your target grade. Geography is a big subject with lots of key words and case studies, it will take time to learn them all again ready for the exams. If you have not yet started revising, make a plan now to start tomorrow!  To do well overall you have to approach this maturely and plan and stick to your times. If you are considering studying anything at AS level next year you will be expected to work independently straight away.

Think- Plan- Key words- Case studies- Exam practice = SUCCESS.

Good luck and remember to see your teacher if you are stuck on anything!

Extra revision times: Tues 2 in the library (register with normal teacher first). Thursday 4 in A1.



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