Population: The impact of migration on population structure

Level: Topic: Population AS

Link to AS syllabus ( The impact of migration on national population structure.)

Check out The United Arab Emirates population pyramid which clearly shows the impact of migration on the structure of the population. It is also interesting to go back in time, check out the difference between 1960 to 1965. It moves from what looks like very stage 2 like to an unusual shape due to in migration of mostly males. In 1975 the migration appears huge, interestingly one sided.

It is also interesting that as time moves on, although it does slightly, on the whole this large chunk of male migrants stays put in the 20-30 years categories. In 2005 and then 2010 the female side of the pyramid finally responds in the same way as the male side had done.

Why do you think this migration was male dominated for so long? Why has the female side recently started to match? What are the future predictions? Can they even predict what will happen? why or why not? 

This link will help you to create a detailed case study on this country.

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