Independent Study (10MUS group) Set Friday 14th Due Friday 21st

We have now finished the population topic and we will shortly be moving on to Water on the Land and then starting our controlled assessment. You will complete some reflection on your population exam question once returned. Please ensure you know your next steps and current grade by using your tracking sheets at the front of your folder.

For independent study this week I would like you to do the following.

Lo: To examine the effects of the flooding of the Somerset Levels in early 2014. 

Links to syllabus: A case study of flooding in a rich part of the world and one from a poorer area – the different effects of and responses to flooding. The effects of and responses to floods vary between areas of contrasting levels of wealth.

1. Go to the BBC news website.

2. Search for ‘Somerset floods’ and use the news articles to help you answer the questions below in as much detail as you can. The links will help you.

Causes: Why did the Somerset levels flood?

Effects: What were the effects of the flooding (think social , environmental and economic) ?

Responses: How did people respond? How is the government responding?

Development: How does being an MEDC (More Economically Developed Country) help us when disasters such as flooding occur?

Present your work in a word document and print for your file. Work can be emailed to me for printing. Use pictures and maps where you can to illustrate your research.

Deadline Friday 21st March 2014.

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