Independent Study 10MUS set 21st March due 28th March

Level: Topic: Independent Study

Please view How to draw a cross section in excel.

You will need excel on your computer to complete this task. If you do not, time is available on Thursday session 4 or any lunchtime in A3, please just let me know if you need this time.

Please play around with the file to see how it works and using the data below, create one cross section graph.

Width of river 8.1m

Depth measurements every 10%: 0, 25, 69, 100, 90, 80, 75, 80, 40, 0

Remember the first and last value are 0 because they are the edges of the banks.

Please email your graph to me (copy and paste into a new document rather than sending the entire file) or print for your records.

Any questions please ask Mrs Muskett.

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