Hurricane Cristobal – could it bring us warmth and sunshine?

Level: Topic: Atmosphere

Very interesting reading here  (West Briton) Hurricane Cristobal is currently sweeping through the Caribbean, bringing 75mph winds and torrential rain to the region. But how could it be possible that this hurricane, could bring us fine weather?

The Met Office has suggested that Cristobal is skirting Bermuda and is then expected to track towards Iceland and north of Scotland to Norway early next week. This is a very different track to Bertha and looks like it will enhance  higher pressure over the UK next week with temperatures above normal and a dry spell of weather.

The tail end of hurricanes can do two things – if they come close they bring wet and windy weather like Bertha did recently. But if they pass a long way from us – as it looks Cristobal will do – we get the benefit of high pressure building from the south-west. So we get the plus side of what’s left of a hurricane. It looks like things will improve from Saturday and once we go into next week it should be much drier and hopefully warmer for at least a few days.
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Keep up to date with new at the Met Office blog site.

Track storms with the STORM TRACKER see where Cristobal is now….. The storm tracker currently shows Cristobal as a level 1 hurricane out in the ocean east of Florida.

The American National Hurricane Center also is tracking Cristobal.

For your A level studies we will be looking at the characteristics, formation, hazards, responses and reducing the hazards of hurricanes (tropical cyclones). This also teaches us about the movement of air masses and their effects on weather in the UK.

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