Holderness Coast case study: Norfolk’s disappearing village

Level: Topic: Coasts

GCSE Coasts: Great wider reading and extra details on the Holderness Coast case study

Links to GCSE syllabus: Coastal erosion can lead to cliff collapse. This causes problems for people and the environment. A case study of an area of recent or threatened cliff collapse – rates of coastal erosion; reasons why some areas are susceptible to undercutting by the sea and collapse; how people may worsen the situation; the impact on people’s lives and the environment.

Questions to help you focus the information:

Q1. Where is this case study (locate on a map).

Q2. How quickly is this stretch of coastline eroding?

Q3. What defences were in place and have these worked?

Q4. Give the ECONOMIC and SOCIAL impacts of coastal retreat here. Link to the effect on people’s lives.

Q5. How is the environment (physical landscape) changed by the erosion? give specific details.

Extra: Not included in this article but….. why is this land so susceptible to coastal erosion?


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