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Storm Desmond Flooding UK

Level: , Topic: Rivers, Water on the Land

Schools, hospital services and travel have been disrupted after Storm Desmond brought winds, torrential rain and flooding to parts of the UK.

Does Montserrat’s volcano hold the key to its future?

Level: , Topic: Energy, Latest news, Restless Earth, Tectonics

Montserrat’s devastating volcano – which has left two-thirds of the Caribbean island an exclusion zone and the former capital city buried deep in ash – may now hold the key to its future.

GCSE Restless Earth helpful videos

Level: Topic: Restless Earth

Some helpful clips to help you out at the start of the Restless Earth topic.

Flooding in France Water on The Land case study

Level: , Topic: Featured, Latest news, Rivers, Water on the Land

The area is estimated to have received more than 10% of its average yearly rainfall in two days alone. Rivers burst their banks, sending water coursing into nearby towns and cities.

Revision: GCSE and A Level Tectonics

Level: , Topic: Featured, Restless Earth, Tectonics

Anatomy of an earthquake – Professor Iain Stewart

African Migrant: Chance Of New Life Cost £720

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

He said: “The dinghy we were put in had space for 90 people maximum, but the gangs are greedy. Sometimes they overload it.

“They put up to 120 people in them, for more profit, so it’s no wonder they capsize. The conditions are horrific.”

Hunga Tonga volcano eruption forms new South Pacific island

Level: , Topic: Restless Earth, Tectonics

Some great footage of plate tectonics in action!

Is this a result of the one child policy in China?

Level: Topic: Population

“There are too many babies born outside of the family planning laws,” she said. “As long the families make a deal and it’s done right after birth – nobody needs to know.”

California’s long-term quake forecast

Level: , Topic: Restless Earth, Tectonics

A level wider reading and GCSE help with the 3 P’s. California’s long-term earthquake forecast, the first in seven years, has been released. The study, known as the Third Uniform California Earthquake Rupture forecast, teams the US Geological survey with three other state authorities on tectonics to work out the region’s risk from earthquakes.

The economic importance of tourism

Level: Topic: Tourism

Some interesting reading around the importance of tourism to different parts of the world.

Ageing Britain: Population

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

Investigating the issues facing older people in Britain, Jeremy Paxman travels to Christchurch in Dorset which has one of the oldest average populations in Europe.

Population: Migration news

Level: Topic: Population

The figures suggest the foreign-born population of every local authority in the country may have risen.

Chile Volcanic eruption

Level: , Topic: Latest news, Restless Earth, Tectonics

The Villarrica volcano in southern Chile erupted in the early hours of Tuesday morning, spewing ash and lava up to 1,000m (3,300ft) into the air.

Seeking thrills and extreme sports in New Zealand

Level: Topic: Tourism

We have just started studying tourism in Year 10 GCSE. Here we have an exciting example of a new kind of tourism….tourists who seek thrills and extreme sports. This is known as “Adventure tourism!”

‘Planting trees could stop flooding’

Level: , Topic: Rivers, Water on the Land

Britain should turn swathes of its upland pastures into woodland to help prevent flooding, according to a former environment minister, Lord Rooker.

Voices: From Haiti to Japan: A tale of two disaster recoveries

Level: , Topic: Restless Earth, Tectonics

A lovely article comparing Haiti to Japan, fits really well into the Restless Earth topic and a great read for revision for A/A* students. Also good wider reading for A level.

Ageing China: Changes and challenges

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

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Flood victims fork out £100,000 to raise home 12ft off the ground on stilts

Level: , Topic: Rivers, Water on the Land

Good case simple case study to give depth to your knowledge on how people respond to flooding.

Holderness Coast case study: Norfolk’s disappearing village

Level: Topic: Coasts

This is Happisburgh (pronounced ‘haze-bro’), a Norfolk village founded over 1,000 years ago. Back then there was an entire other village between Happisburgh and the sea.
Excellent further reading on the Holderness case study.

Why snow machines are cold comfort as the Alps warm

Level: Topic: Featured, Ice on the Land, Latest news

A brilliant in depth case study (more higher tier suitable but a good read for all!) on how Alpine resorts are coping with climate change.