Data collection 10th & 11th June Year 10

Level: Topic: Controlled assessment

Data collection dates confirmed.

We will be walking to the Gannel Estuary on the 10th and 11th June to enable all year 10 students to collect primary data for our River Gannel investigation. You will either be going on the 10th June (Tuesday) or 11th June (Wednesday MUS group on this day), please ask your teacher if you are not sure. Further confirmation of your day will be available here soon.

We will be walking from college, leaving by 9am and returning after lunch in time for the normal buses on each day. The walk is approximately 2 miles to the Gannel, please see Mrs Muskett if you have a medical problem which may mean you cannot make it there and back (4miles total) and we will make alternative arrangements. We will be collecting data at 2-3 sites on the Gannel Estuary and using secondary data for sites further up the river long profile. Secondary data is data collected by someone other than yourself.

Students who are aiming for A or A*

You should be thinking about what you can add to your investigation to make it original. We are investigating how width and depth change from source to mouth, as well as sediment size and velocity. You need to devise YOUR OWN technique to add to your project and to help you meet your aims and prove your hypothesis. We will talk more about this in class. Have a think about what other river features change as you move from source to mouth down the long profile and how you could measure these. Your original contribution will involve you independently collecting extra data at all the sites including the ones we don’t visit on the day out.

You will need

Coat / hat / suncream (See weather report on the previous day to prepare properly).

Walking boots (or comfortable shoes for walking on uneven/sandy ground) and wellingtons (if you have some- to enter the water).

Towel (if you intend to enter the water bear foot, you will NOT be going deeper than knee deep).

Packed lunch (Free school meal lunches can be arranged) plenty of drink. Remember we will be out all day so bring plenty of food.

Pencil and clipboard (clipboards can be borrowed from us).

Reply slip from letter signed by a parent and a completed consent form (most of you should have this completed as a general consent form, if not, you need to complete one to come).

Fingers crossed for fine weather and a nice day out.



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