California earthquake strikes San Francisco Bay area

Level: , Topic: Restless Earth, Tectonics

Very exciting….! I saw this and had to share it with you. For your GCSE studies look for causes (look at related stories to the right of the actual article) effects (primary and secondary) and responses (short term and long term). Make a note of the case study time place and date, then list specific effects from the article. It’s always good to be case study specific to get the top grades. There is some really good info on causes of the quake here too, so worth a note down.

At A2 bear in mind this is a economically developed part of the world, it will be good to contrast this to a less economically developed area. At A2, you are looking at the nature of the hazard and the impact and managements thereafter. If you were writing about a case study you would obviously need specific details.

Read the article and watch the video here, we will keep an eye out for any follow up articles. Magnitude 6.0 is strong but not huge so I expect they will cope very well with this and the damage will not be too long-lived. Think about why the effects and responses might differ in an LEDC.


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