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Storm Desmond Flooding UK

Level: , Topic: Rivers, Water on the Land

Schools, hospital services and travel have been disrupted after Storm Desmond brought winds, torrential rain and flooding to parts of the UK.

Does Montserrat’s volcano hold the key to its future?

Level: , Topic: Energy, Latest news, Restless Earth, Tectonics

Montserrat’s devastating volcano – which has left two-thirds of the Caribbean island an exclusion zone and the former capital city buried deep in ash – may now hold the key to its future.

Flooding in France Water on The Land case study

Level: , Topic: Featured, Latest news, Rivers, Water on the Land

The area is estimated to have received more than 10% of its average yearly rainfall in two days alone. Rivers burst their banks, sending water coursing into nearby towns and cities.

African Migrant: Chance Of New Life Cost £720

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

He said: “The dinghy we were put in had space for 90 people maximum, but the gangs are greedy. Sometimes they overload it.

“They put up to 120 people in them, for more profit, so it’s no wonder they capsize. The conditions are horrific.”

In the era of global warming, is hydrogen the perfect fuel?

Level: , Topic: Atmosphere, Energy

So why aren’t we all driving round in hydrogen-powered cars, moving our goods in hydrogen-powered lorries, and heating our homes and offices with this wonder element?

North Sea wind power ‘may make East of England a trade hub’

Level: Topic: Energy, Latest news

The East of England could become a hub for trade in renewable energy with Scandinavia if the proper regulation is put in place, says an industry group.

Ageing Britain: Population

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

Investigating the issues facing older people in Britain, Jeremy Paxman travels to Christchurch in Dorset which has one of the oldest average populations in Europe.

World’s first lagoon power plants unveiled in UK

Level: Topic: Energy

Plans to generate electricity from the world’s first series of tidal lagoons have been unveiled in the UK.

The six lagoons – four in Wales and one each in Somerset and Cumbria – will capture incoming and outgoing tides behind giant sea walls, and use the weight of the water to power turbines.

‘Planting trees could stop flooding’

Level: , Topic: Rivers, Water on the Land

Britain should turn swathes of its upland pastures into woodland to help prevent flooding, according to a former environment minister, Lord Rooker.

Geographical: UK approves world’s biggest offshore wind-farm

Level: Topic: Energy

Plans for up to 400 turbines located 80 miles off the Yorkshire coast have been given consent by the UK government in what would be the country’s biggest source of renewable energy. A great case study linking to the AS energy syllabus.

Controversial oil pipeline vetoed by Obama

Level: Topic: Cold Environments, Energy

In what has been seen as a key victory for environmentalists, President Obama has rejected a controversial Canada-to-USA oil pipeline, citing issues related to ‘security, safety and [the] environment’

Ageing China: Changes and challenges

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

Flood victims fork out £100,000 to raise home 12ft off the ground on stilts

Level: , Topic: Rivers, Water on the Land

Good case simple case study to give depth to your knowledge on how people respond to flooding.

Sustainability in the Southern Ocean Podcast

Level: Topic: Cold Environments

Interesting podcast for wider ‘reading’ around the ‘sustainability in the Southern Ocean’ issue.

Japan suffers lowest number of births on record as population shrinks

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

Number of newborn babies last year fell to 1.001 million against 1.269m registered deaths in its population

Somerset Floods one year on: gallery

Level: , Topic: Rivers, Water on the Land

A new exhibition profiles a number of Somerset residents whose lives were changed by months of flooding one year ago.

Population: The impact of migration on population structure

Level: Topic: Population AS

A key part of the syllabus: You need a case study of how migration has impacted the population structure of a country. This helps you to create one for the United Arab Emirates.


Level: Topic: Energy

Good wider watching (reading) for knowledge around energy issues. AS year 12 Energy topic.

Sustainability in the Southern Ocean – podcast

Level: Topic: Cold Environments

Good wider reading for AS Cold Environments

Population quiz: how well do you know the world?

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

Interesting quiz to help you out with your population revision.