Ageing China: Changes and challenges

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

Extra detail and reading on China as a case study in population in both AS and GCSE.

Read the article here.

Make notes on what the changes will mean for China in the future and the impacts of the One Child Policy. The sliding population pyramid is excellent with interesting stats for the UK too as a comparison. Ageing populations are an issue for developed countries now but will become an even larger issue in the future.

Links to AS syllabus: (CHINA CASE STUDY) Population structures at different stages of the demographic transition: Link this case study to stages of the DTM

The implications of different structures for the balance between population and resources. How will the changing population structure of China affect the balance between population and resources?

Social, economic and political implications of population change. How will the changes affect everyday lives? money? and political decisions?

Links to GCSE syllabus: The social, economic and political implication of population change and the need to achieve sustainable development.

The effectiveness of population policies adopted in different countries since the 1990s to include birth control programmes and other strategies adopted.

A case study of China’s policy since the 1990s and one of a non birth control population policy. (look at recent changes and impacts of the policy within this article). 

An ageing population impacts on the future development of a country.

The relationship between the population structure and population decline and the impact on the future economic development.

The problems associated with an ageing dependent population.


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