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Flooding in Mozambique satellite images

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Residents of Mozambique’s Zambezia province are accustomed to picking up their belongs and heading for higher ground during the wet season. But even by local standards, the onslaught in January 2015 has been unusual. Check out these fascinating images.

The world at seven billion

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(2011) The UN is set to announce that the population of the planet has now reached seven billion people.

But will this number continue to rise in future years – and if so, what could this mean?

Sustainable tourism: Great Barrier Reef

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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef needs an investment of at least A$785m ($643m, £426m) over five years to protect it from pollution, a report says. The reef, a major tourist destination and a rich marine habitat, faces many threats to its eco-system.

2014 warmest year on record, say US researchers

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Last month, the World Meteorological Organization released provisional figures that predicted the past 12 months were set to be record breakers.

The long-term global average temperature is calculated from data collected between 1951 and 1980.