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Climate change and the Vuntut Gwitchin in Alaska

Level: Topic: Cold Environments

Link to AS syllabus: Exploitation and development in tundra areas and the Southern Ocean. Traditional economies of an indigenous population and recent changes/ adaptations. The concept of fragile environments. The potential for sustainable development. Your 15 mark question on the Cold Environments topic has frequently been about the sustainable use of fragile environments such as tundra. Tundra: Old Crow […]

River Gannel Maps for Controlled Assessment

Level: Topic: Controlled assessment

We are using the River Gannel for our Controlled Assessment. As part of the applied understanding section of the mark scheme you must locate the study area in detail. All maps you use must be referenced and have a scale and direction arrow. For level 3 (top level) we would like to see you include […]

China case study recent information.

Level: Topic: Globalisation and Development, World Cities

Link to A2 syllabus: Globalisation and Development: Further growth of NICs, with particular reference to China. World cities: Re-urbanisation: characteristics, causes and effects. Planning and management issues. Contrasting case studies within countries at different levels of economic development to demonstrate the above. China is a large case study in the A2 Globalisation and Development topic. Good example of re-urbanisation to link with the […]

Earthquake case studies: GCSE

Level: Topic: Restless Earth

How do the effects of earthquakes differ in countries at different stages of development? For the exam you will need to know 2 case studies very well, one from an MEDC (more economically developed country) and one from an LEDC (less economically developed country). You will need to be able to explain how and why […]