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Past exam papers A2 UNIT 3 contemporary geographical issues

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This exam is 2hours 30mins. You have to complete 3 questions, one from each section. You are advised to spend 1 hour on the 40m essay question in section C. You must answer all your questions on different topics. The topics you have studied are Plate Tectonics, Weather and Climate, World Cities and Development and […]


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You must answer all the questions on the skills paper. It is 1 hour long and worth 30% of your overall AS mark (15% of A2). Please revise all components of your fieldwork project well. It is easy to prepare answers for this exam Q2 by completing all past questions. Q1 tests your skills and […]

PAST EXAM PAPERS AS UNIT 1 physical and human geography

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Here you will find links to past papers on the AQA website. UNIT 1 is worth 70% of your AS grade. It is a 2 hour exam during which you will answer RIVERS, COLD ENVIRONMENTS, POPULATION and ENERGY. This gives you 30mins per question. You should try to spend 15 minutes answering the 15 mark […]

The geopolitics of energy: Megadams

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China and India have their eye on the energy potential of the vast Brahmaputra river. Will a new wave of “megadams” bring power to the people – or put millions at risk? (BBC)