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Protected: Iceland 2015

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Revision: GCSE and A Level Tectonics

Level: , Topic: Featured, Restless Earth, Tectonics

Anatomy of an earthquake – Professor Iain Stewart

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African Migrant: Chance Of New Life Cost £720

Level: , Topic: Population, Population AS

He said: “The dinghy we were put in had space for 90 people maximum, but the gangs are greedy. Sometimes they overload it.

“They put up to 120 people in them, for more profit, so it’s no wonder they capsize. The conditions are horrific.”

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Breathing poison in the world’s most polluted city

Level: Topic: Atmosphere, Latest news

Saharan dust, traffic fumes and smog from Europe may be clogging up London’s air at present – and causing alarm in the newspapers – but in the world’s most polluted city London’s air would be considered unusually refreshing. That city is Delhi, the Indian capital, where air quality reports now make essential reading for anxious residents.

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In the era of global warming, is hydrogen the perfect fuel?

Level: , Topic: Atmosphere, Energy

So why aren’t we all driving round in hydrogen-powered cars, moving our goods in hydrogen-powered lorries, and heating our homes and offices with this wonder element?

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Cyclone Pam: Supplies begin to reach survivors

Level: Topic: Atmosphere

Officials say planes have taken food, water and medical supplies to Tanna island, which was directly in the path of Cyclone Pam.

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North Sea wind power ‘may make East of England a trade hub’

Level: Topic: Energy, Latest news

The East of England could become a hub for trade in renewable energy with Scandinavia if the proper regulation is put in place, says an industry group.

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UK trade deficit narrows in January on oil price falls

Topic: Energy, Globalisation and Development

The UK trade deficit has narrowed to £616m in January from a five-year high of £2.1bn in December, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed.

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Hunga Tonga volcano eruption forms new South Pacific island

Level: , Topic: Restless Earth, Tectonics

Some great footage of plate tectonics in action!

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Is this a result of the one child policy in China?

Level: Topic: Population

“There are too many babies born outside of the family planning laws,” she said. “As long the families make a deal and it’s done right after birth – nobody needs to know.”

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